My Infinity∞Box
Your Box for an Infinity of Possibilities

Bits and Bobs About Us

Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK, My Infinity∞Box is a local digital company. Our vision is to make technology accessible to everyone.

Boris, the creator of My Infinity∞Box, is French and has a Computer Sciences degree from the Université Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, France.
He started his career as a Mathematics teacher, before working for different companies as a developer, IT Technician and IT advisor.

After long years working for IT companies, and always having in mind helping people, Boris decided to open his own company mirroring his own image, with humility, creativity and eclecticism.

His new business is people orientated, and uses every skill imaginable to make your business a strong digital presence in the more-than-ever competitive world of social media and technology.

Boris has, at last, found the perfect balance for My Infinity∞Box, a company open to the future, for local and self-employed businesses, allowing everyone to have access to technology. The price is affordable, there are no hidden costs, and we are open and honest in our approach.

The Infinity (∞) symbol is one of the strongest in the field of Mathematics, and represents the company exactly with its infinity of possibilities. It is also one of the most philosophical and spiritual symbols present in many cultures, with strong and positive values, which is why we have chosen it to represent our company.

Our aim is to simplify technology for you, making it a strong part of your business. Our purpose is to offer any technical advice you may need, and we want to make your digital experience as easy as possible, as smooth as possible.

We are a digital company that believes in equality.

A wee bit more about our creator?

My Infinity∞Box's creator, Boris, has travelled a lot, and loves meeting new people. He thinks that with a chat, a walk or a shared coffee, brilliant ideas can emerge, as can a partnership.

Walking long hours with or without his camera, with or without his music player, Boris enjoys discovering new horizons, or simply enjoys seeing a different view of a well-known place for him.

Boris’ passion for Computers started in his early years when his mother and father bought him and his older brother a Commodore Amiga 500 whilst they were going to a concert of Joe Cocker in the city.
He was living in a remote and charming lost village in the French Alps.

His passion is still strong and alive.